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As your neighbourhood screenshot guy, I’ve had a pleasant surprise from swapping to Arc Browser…Easy full page screenshots.

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I downloaded Arc to test it out last year in June, and was quite surprised to find certain shortcuts easy to use. I stopped using it at the time, but am back into it and have been using it full time for a few weeks.

Since this is a screenshot focused website, I am use to the Chrome/Brave experience, where I had to wrestle with various extensions to save website screenshots.

Then this Arc Shortcut of Screenshots came into my life. (CleanshotX needs to watch out, it has some competition on my Mac.)

TLDR before we get into the screenshots – My most common shortcuts:

CMD + T: Open new page, change url, search Google

CMD + L: Change current page URL

^ 2: Go to my other space

CMD + W: Archive tab (love this language change vs ‘Close tab’)

Shift + CMD + 2: Fast Screenshots, let’s get into it.

How to find & options –

Arc has 2 options for screenshots, capture a page section, or capture the full page:

Screen recording captured with CleanshotX, of course 🙂

Page Portion Screenshots –

To get this with a shortcut, hit Shift + CMD + 2.

For the page section option (Capture a portion of this page), it’s super easy to grab specific div’s or sections. This impressed me the first time I used it, it felt like the ScreenStudio of Screenshot extensions. (Aka super advanced.):

I can’t get over how smooth that is. It was hard to explain with words, so I hope the video illustrates just how much optionality it gives you on the web.

Arc Browser Full Page Screenshots:

To get this with a shortcut, hit Shift + CMD + 2.

Moving to the full page option, it does exactly what you would expect, so I’ll keep this short. I chose a shorter page just to keep this writeup from extending into 5 pages:

Border added by me to illustrate the full page capture.

So far, I haven’t found a limit to the length it can capture. I’ve found this really useful for archiving, or sending things to friends with ease.

That’s it! I focus only on screenshots and screen recordings here, so I won’t dive into how convenient Arc Spaces have been for me, or how entertaining the Discord community can get. I’ll just leave it at these shortcuts.

I continue to use CleanshotX, Focus, and Arc in combination, it was just amazing to see this built in.

If you’re sold on the concept, it’s free to download, and you can help me get a cool Icon by using my referral link.


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