Affiliate Marketing and Sponsorship Disclaimer

Transparency in Partnerships

At Screenden.com, we engage in various forms of partnerships and promotional activities that include affiliate marketing, referral programs, and sponsored content. We believe in maintaining transparency with our audience regarding these practices. Below is a detailed disclaimer outlining the nature of these partnerships.

At Screenden.com, our services and content are specifically tailored to meet the needs and interests of customers in the United States. We focus on providing relevant and valuable information, products, and services that cater to the preferences and requirements of the U.S. market.

Affiliate Links and Relationships

We participate in affiliate marketing and may earn a commission or receive a percentage of sales for products or services purchased through affiliate links on our website. It’s important for our users to know that we may have a direct or indirect relationship with the creators of these products or services. While we strive to provide honest reviews and recommendations, there is a possibility that our views may be influenced by our relationships with these creators or by the potential for earning commissions.

Referral Links

Our website may include referral links. When you click on these links and sign up or make a purchase, we may receive a reward or benefit. These referral links are a way for us to offer you access to products or services that we believe may be beneficial to you, while also supporting our website.

Sponsored Content

Occasionally, Screenden.com may feature sponsored posts. These posts are content that has been created in collaboration with a sponsor and may be influenced by the sponsoring party. We ensure that all sponsored content is clearly marked to differentiate it from our regular editorial content.

User Consent and Responsibility

By using Screenden.com, you acknowledge and consent to our use of affiliate and referral links as well as the potential presence of sponsored content. We encourage our users to exercise their own judgment when evaluating the products and services featured on our site. Our use of these marketing strategies is in compliance with legal requirements, including the US Federal Trade Commission Rules.

Policy Updates

Please note that we may update this disclaimer and our related practices at any time without prior notification. We recommend that users review this section periodically to stay informed about how we manage affiliate marketing, referrals, and sponsorships on Screenden.com.