3 Unique Screencapture API’s Compared




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Even though I’m not a developer, I got into a situation recently where I needed to take screenshots programatically. Aka, I needed a API screenshot service, as I travelled on my journey to find an efficient and budget-friendly tool that delivers results via URL, my exploration led me to assess three leading options: GetScreenshotAPIScreenShotOne, and URLBox.

My Criteria:

  • Cheap, super affordable. This project has low budget (Under 20 USD/Month)
  • URL as response format (I needed to pass it to another service for storage)

Update on 24 Jan 2024: I have now swapped to ScreenshotOne. Their customer support was ultra-fast and helped me swap the response type to JSON, which returns a cached image link, exactly what I needed. Great experience!

URLBox: Reliable with Basic Functionality at a Higher Cost

URLBox initially stood out due to its reliability, a consideration for any API service. However, it seemed to offer just basic screenshot functionality, similar to GetScreenshotAPI. The key differentiator is the price – at $19 per month for 2000 shots, it’s positioned at a premium compared to its counterparts. While reliable, the absence of additional features like editing or markup at this price point was a concern.

ScreenShotOne: Versatile Features with Direct Image Delivery

On the other end of the spectrum, but in a similar price range, ScreenShotOne impressed with its range of innovative features. It can capture screenshots in dark mode, create animated scrolling screenshots, and more, making it an attractive option for those who need advanced capture capabilities. Despite its versatile features, ScreenShotOne delivers screenshots directly as images, not URLs, which didn’t align with my specific needs.

I also loved that it’s created by someone I follow on X, which has allowed me a peek behind the curtain of how a screenshot API tool is built.

Update in January 2024: After chatting with support (Ultra-fast), they taught me how to get the response type in JSON, along with a link that is stored in their servers for 30 days. Perfect for my needs.

I’ve written a more in-depth review here.

GetScreenshotAPI: The Ideal Blend of Affordability and Functionality

GetScreenshotAPI emerged as the winner in my search. Not only did it offer a highly competitive price of just $5 per month for 2500 screenshots, but it also included the crucial URL response feature, holding images for 30 days. This blend of cost-effectiveness and functionality, combined with the first month free (using the promo code FREE5), made it the optimal choice for my requirements.

Unique Value Propositions of Each Service

  • URLBox
    • Reliability: Known for consistent and dependable performance.
    • Basic Functionality: Focuses on fundamental screenshot capabilities.
    • Premium Pricing: $19 per month for 2000 screenshots reflects its stable service offering.
  • ScreenShotOne
    • Advanced Features: Includes dark mode, animated scrolling screenshots, and more.
    • Direct Image Delivery: Ideal for immediate image use and creative purposes.
    • Diverse Functionality: Caters to users requiring more than just basic screenshot captures.
  • GetScreenshotAPI
    • Exceptional Value: Only $5 per month for 2500 screenshots.
    • URL Response Format: Meets specific user requirements for URL-based delivery.
    • Storage Convenience: Retains screenshots for 30 days, adding to its user-friendliness.

In conclusion, while URLBox offers reliable service, and ScreenShotOne provides advanced capturing features, GetScreenshotAPI’s unbeatable price point combined with its URL response capability and reliable performance made it the most suitable choice for me, as I prioritised affordability and specific delivery formats. Its overall value proposition aligned perfectly with my needs, leading to a highly satisfactory user experience.