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This site is my project where I high-jump into the world of screen recording and screenshot tools, from desktop applications to web-based solutions.

Operating as a one-person team, I face the challenge of keeping pace with rapid technological advancements in this niche. While I strive to be current, there may be occasional delays in updates, or just major technical things that I’m unfamiliar with. However, I’m planning to continue delivering valuable information to you.

My Approach for Reviews

Here’s my methodology at Screenden.com:

In-depth Reviews: I aim to offer comprehensive reviews on an assortment of tools related to screen recording and screenshotting, including apps, APIs, and Chrome extensions. As a solo reviewer, it might take some time to cover the latest developments.

Encouraging Further Exploration: Given the vastness of the field, I encourage you to use my reviews as a starting point and continue your research through the links provided.

Open to Contributions: If you know of a tool or have insights to share, feel free to reach out via the Contact Page or Tool Submission Page.

Transparency Note

I do not guarantee the performance of the tools reviewed. There will likely be occasional bias towards one tool or the other, I like cool UI’s and my personal tastes will 100% come into play.

Additionally, I use affiliate and referral links and occasionally interact with the creators of the tools I review. These interactions, alongside following their journeys on platforms like Twitter, could introduce a higher degree of bias in my reviews. While I aim to earn some side income from this site, it’s important for you to be aware of these potential influences as you peruse the site. Additionally, as I’m a United States customer, this site primarily focuses on a United States audience and tools for the United States Market.

Your Role

Your engagement and feedback would be appreciated in shaping Screen Den. Want to write a review or tutorial? Feel free to reach out. While I may not always update swiftly or have technical expertise, my objective is to provide a comprehensive overview of the screen recording and screenshotting landscape. Feel free to use this site as a guide, and supplement it with your own research.

Join me on this journey into the realm of screen capture technology. Your involvement, whether you’re a novice or an expert, is crucial to the growth and success of Screenden.


After reading all that, want to work together? Feel free to reach out.