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Mac Screenshot Tools

You’re on MacOS? So am I.
Do you enjoy sharing screenshots lightening fast?
So do I.
Here’s my list of tools I’ve used to screenshot specifically for MacOS. You’ll see things like CleanshotX and xNapper!

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Screen Recording

Everything Screen Recording, from Mac to Windows. Things like Ved, Focusee, and ScreenStudio.
Turn your rambling speeches and mouse movements into a cinema quality course to sell.

Screenshot APIs

Imagine this – You have a website stacked full of curated design sites. You can hire a virtual assistant and screenshot them one-by-one, then do that all over again in 6 months.
Or, you could use a screenshot API to have quickly updated and current screenshots of all your design sites!
This category has things like URLBox, ScreenshotOne, and Pika.Style

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Chrome Extension Screenshots

If you handle most of your work in-browser, this is your section. Extensions to handle everything from archival to scrolling screen grabs.

Team Focused ScreenShots and Screen RecordingWhen you Google for ‘Loom Alternatives’, you get tools like Tella for Teams, Jumpshare, Camtasia, Clip by ClickUp, and more.

In this category, I’ll go through and test these B2B Screen recording tools.

In this category, I’ll go through and test these B2B Screen recording tools.

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Have any questions? We are always open to discussing your screenshot tool, new ideas, creative opportunities, and how we can collaborate.


It all started one day when I wanted to take some screenshots. I thought it would be an easy task, but blossomed into testing 20+ tools.
A few days later, I needed a Screenshot API, and after making the wrong initial choice, I decided to make this website to write about my learnings. Read more here.

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